7th August 2019

Time: 19:30

Mark is know for practical material that works in the real world. His lecture includes material from critically acclaimed book Harpacrown and the upcoming “Harpacrown too”.
Here’s what his peers have to say:
Mark is a master at creating logical yet entertaining presentations. His creations are genius and his thinking is top notch. If there’s one thing Mark knows its mentalism so listen and listen up good as his work will rock your world!  – Peter Turner
Mark is one of the good guys in mentalism. He’s extremely creative and a great performer, but more importantly he really THINKS about what he is doing and why he is doing it. His book “Harpacrown” is full of great material. The effects are well thought out, cleverly deceptive and have a great impact on audiences. Mark also shares his ideas and philosophies about the business of mentalism and going pro. His thoughts in these areas are pure gold and are born from his immense experience. Mark charms his audiences and my prediction is that he’ll charm you too. – Marc Paul

Visiting magicians welcome*